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Fractional economic solutions for banks & businesses

— your company, your industry, your challenges, and your goals.


When the world is uncertain,
focus on what you can control.

You know the economy has huge impacts on your business. But it can be hard to understand, and data can give conflicting signals. To confidently chart a path forward you have to start with a single question: What can we control?


Our focus is helping your company navigate the economy.

We look beyond the numbers to tell you what's really going on in the economy and help create actionable solutions to your biggest challenges. 


It can sometimes be hard to pinpoint how an economic shift is impacting your business.

Take the return to office tug-of-war. On the surface it appears to be a battle of wills, with employers concerned that culture and productivity will evaporate, and employees desiring radical flexibility. The truth is more complex. Hybrid or remote structures could slow decision-making and hurt retention at a time when the talent pipeline is already narrow. And cratering housing affordability and skyrocketing childcare costs are making it hard for many employees to get by. How do you position your company so that these economic forces don’t shut off your talent pipeline?

Start by understanding what you can’t change to then concentrate on what you can. 

That will refocus your team and inform where your limited budget can realize its highest return. We can help you build that framework.

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Tim Mahedy is an economist, economic business consultant, and sought after speaker who has been a trusted advisor to monetary policymakers, executives at Fortune 50 companies, and Boards of Directors in just about every industry you can imagine. His unique background allows him to connect economic forecasting with operational solutions to today's biggest business challenges.

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